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10 Ways To Spark Your Creativity + Papaya Spring Rolls!

In 2015 I had the opportunity to get my photos published in a British food magazine but, things didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped and it all remained an unfulfilled dream.

I had never felt so defeated and lost before. I simply couldn’t bounce back.

Every day, I felt less creative and motivated to bake or try out new recipes for the blog. I let my camera gather dust in the drawer and, eventually, I decided to put an end to my inner conflict and shut down my blog.

My creativity was gone.

However, one night something happened that changed everything. I was in bed ready to fall asleep but my mind was racing with millions of thoughts. Tired of tossing and turning in bed, I went downstairs to read a book with the hope of falling asleep. Instead, I experienced something magical.

I had a creative overdose!

It was at that moment of joy and hope when I came to the conclusion that creativity never dies, it’s just having a nap!


That’s right. I often hear people telling me that they are not creative, and indeed, they are. Everyone is.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

Pablo Picasso

Although studies show that some people are more genetically predisposed to being creative, the reality is that creativity is in our souls. When we were children we used our imagination to create something new, we experimented with anything we found in our way without judgement or fear of rejection.

We just need to find ways to nurture our creative thinking.

Sooo, here are my 10 best practices that help me to spark my creativity when I need it.

  1. Creativity comes from our hearts, this means that, whatever you do, you have to LOVE it.
  2. Surround yourself by creative thinking people who inspire you.
  3. Always carry a notepad with you to write down your ideas. This is classic, I know, but I can’t recall how many times I came up with something great and I didn’t have anything to sketch on!
  4. Practice creative writing after meditation. This is a powerful way to detox our thoughts. When we meditate, we tap into our intuition and the subconscious mind, which help us to receive pure and genuine ideas. Gabby has a great article about this here.
  5. Try something new. Don’t be afraid to explore other fields, it will shift your creative perspective. Even cooking a new recipe!
  6. Built your confidence. When I feel I’m not making any progress, I look at the photos I took at the very beginning and immediately I feel more confident than ever. It’s great to track your progress and realise that every day that goes by, you’re a better version of yourself!
  7. Get creative at night. This practice is quite similar to writing after meditation. (#4). Since our brain is running low of energy, we are able to come up with ideas without our brain judging them.
  8. Practice the art of plating! Dedicate a little of time to arrange and decorate your food on the plate in a way that pleases you.
  9. Eat orange-coloured foods. Orange stimulates our creativity and mental activity as it improves oxygen supply to the brain.
  10. Believe that you are creative. Practice positive affirmations to declare yourself to be creative.

These are my favourite affirmations from Louise Hay:

I am learning to be more creative every day.

My talents are in demand, and my unique gifts are appreciated by those around me.

I release all resistance to expressing my creativity fully.

Louise Hay

5 Ingredient Papaya spring rolls

Papaya springs rolls are fun. It’s the perfect dish to boost your creativity, get inspired to play with colours and mix textures!

Prep Time 25 minutes 

Cook Time 1 minute 

Servings 15 rolls


  • 1 ripe papaya, thinly sliced
  • 1 ripe avocado cut in julienne strips
  • 1 half cucumber Cut in julienne strips
  • 15 fresh coriander, chopped
  • 15 Rice paper wrappers


  • Arrange the papaya, avocado, cucumber and coriander on a large cutting board. Set next to it a bowl large enough to submerge the wrappers in it, followed by a clean damp tea towel and a platter. It’s important to set up everything in this order to fold the rolls easier.  
  • Pour the hot water into the bowl, then place one rice paper wrapper into hot water until it is soft and pliable (about 10-15 seconds). Remove wrapper and lay it out flat on the damp tea towel. Lay a strip of papaya, avocado, cucumber and some chopped coriander, then fold over the bottom and sides. Roll the wrapper upwards to form a neat roll shape and place it on the platter. Repeat soaking and rolling with remaining wrappers and fillings. Serve them with peanut butter hummus.
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