Who I am and my story


Hi, I’m Laura! Are you ready to get to know me a little bit? Then, grab a cup of your favourite drink and immerse yourself in my story.

CURIOUS FACT: I started eating vegetables at the age of 28. It’s not that I hadn’t tried to before but, even as an infant, I would refuse any baby food containing fruit or vegetables. Every time we had vegetables at home, it was a struggle for my parents and torture for me. I don’t remember how old I was when my parents gave up, and meat and pasta became my main staples.

As I got older, I really became an expert at cooking spaghetti in arrabbiata sauce, macaroni carbonara, and risottos. Honestly, there was no shortage of rice and pasta on my shopping list.

At the age of 27, I began feeling ill. I was getting sharp pains in my stomach several times a day, my tummy would swell up like a balloon after every meal, and I felt weighed-down and even nauseous.

This was all caused by a bacterium called Helicobacter Pylori living in my stomach, which can lead to a peptic ulcer if not eliminated early enough. 

I had this bug for four months but the worst part was that, even after I’d got rid of it, I still felt unwell and the doctors no longer knew why.


Eventually, and thanks to a naturopath, I learnt that all my gut problems were caused by emotional wounds. She taught me how to eat; how to eat everything. Eventually, my fridge started to be packed with vegetables – what a pretty rainbow of colours! I’d buy good-quality meat, fresh fruits and vegetables from the local market, legumes, seeds, and lots of herbs and spices.

I also began to devour books on holistic nutrition, and I discovered how you can heal yourself physically and emotionally by eating a wide variety of food.

Bit by bit, my body detoxed from all the processed food I’d put into it, my skin changed colour, my nails no longer broke and my hair was healthy and strong. But the most important thing was that I felt full of energy. In short, I radiated happiness!


My enthusiasm and love for food and photography began through producing my own food blog in 2012. I used to spend my entire weekends cooking and photographing. Yet, it was hard work, I loved every part of it! In my fifth year as a food blogger, thou, I missed out a big opportunity, and I couldn’t bounce back from the setback. This made me realised that I had to work on myself, so, in 2017, I sold the blog to embark on my inner journey.

It was a difficult decision for me. After all, food and photography have always been my passion. However, just as I felt I had to take a break from food photography before it would completely burn me out, I knew, full well, that I would come back someday.

My healing journey was amazing. I went on yoga retreats, met like-minded friends, attended workshops, and read countless books. And the best thing is, I got qualified as a holistic counsellor and life coach in the Holistic Healing College in London.

It’s been a beautiful healing journey through which it has helped me remove old patterns, become stronger, and more confident to express my authentic self. And most importantly, it has offered me the map of how to uncover my next steps.  


The first time I learnt about the chakras was in 2012 when my closest friend bought me La Biblia de los Chakras (The Chakra Bible). Even though it took me a while, I fully grasped how chakras work, and how the chakras can bring you the balance that the body, mind and soul need.

My curiosity to learn more about the chakras led me to attend countless workshops, learning chakra healing techniques, and practising Kundalini yoga and meditation.

But the big turning point was in 2018 when I bought myself Chakra Foods for Optimum Health by Deanna Minich PhD. I was so inspired by it! 

I then fully understood that our relationship with food can open us up to discover how we live our lives, and what areas need a bit of improvement. This, in turn, helps us learn how to overcome obstacles, let go of emotional blockages, and walk the path towards a happier and more fulfilling life. 

It’s my passionate belief that food nourishes much more than just our bodies. It is a path that many of us choose for our physical and spiritual healing. 


Drawing on my own experiences alongside a unique training in Holistic counselling, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching, and Intuitive Eating counselling, in 2020 I decided to launch my own coaching business to help clients transform their relationship with food.

Offering a blend of traditional counselling with non-diet and person-centred approaches, I am dedicated to helping my clients let go of emotional blockages, build a healthy relationship with food and their body, while building lasting habits and behaviour change to find sustainable health, peace and balance.

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